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Radiant Star Aerial Yoga

Radiant Star Aerial Yoga is a unique approach to Aerial Yoga, bringing Somatic Movement Education to traditional yoga in the hammock.  We combine Hanna Somatic teachings, elements from Hatha Yoga, and learnings from somatic meditation to create an embodied experience with the fabric.  The aerial yoga hammock is used to sit inside, to rest onto, to fold over, to support one part of the body, to hang upside-down on and to stand on. Through this, we naturally develop strength, flexibility, balance, co-ordination, trust, confidence, increased awareness and overall well-being; and most importantly – we have FUN!

Somatic Lo Flo

With the hammock hanging just inches off the floor, we combine Somatic movements with elements from restorative yoga, yin yoga, and somatic meditation.  We move slowly and smoothly into and out of flowing sequences, often using breath to help engage and release targeted muscle groups.  We use the hammock in various ways: to sit inside, to rest onto, to fold over, to support one part of the body, to support inversions, to stand on. With somatic awareness and principles, we release tension and enhance function resulting in overall well-being and relaxation. 

Benefits of Aerial Yoga and Somatic Lo Flo with Radiant Star Yoga:

  • Enhanced sensory awareness
  • Decompression of joints; elongation of the spine
  • Release of excess tension and improvement in energy flow
  • A sense of wholeness and well-being; connecting with your potential
  • A somatic experience of freedom, ease, power and grace

Workshops & Classes

Workshops available in September and October 2019, The Summerhouse, Nelson, Caerphilly, CF46 6PH. See events for more details

We are also available to teach taster workshops and masterclasses in the UK and abroad. Contact us for more details.  

Teacher Training

We deliver Teacher Trainings in the UK and abroad. Visit our Training page for details.  


Please note: Aerial Yoga is not suitable if you are pregnant.  For other contra-indications please see our terms and conditions 



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