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Date(s) - May 13, 2017
12:30 pm - 3:30 pm

The Body IQ Studio Milton Keynes

Event Description

At the Body IQ Studio we are very happy to invite David Fleming and Amanda Franklin from Leeds to run this very rare and limited availability workshop in which Somatics meets Yoga for the ultimate mind-body experience.

It is suitable for anyone whether entirely new to yoga and somatics or if you’ve knowledge of one or both of them.

This 3 hour workshop will cover an introduction to gentle somatic yoga and some of the core somatic movement flows based on the pioneering work of James Knight, Eleanor Criswell, Thomas Hanna, Moshe Feldenkrais, and Lawrence Gold.

So what’s special about Gentle Somatic Yoga?

Gentle somatic yoga is revolutionary in its ability to improve health, quality of life and personal performance. The corrective exercises are ideal for managing physical pain and increasing flexibility.

Many modern day yoga classes encourage you to strive for a perfect posture. Even if your teacher reminds you not to try and compete, it is the nature of the class that you attempt to copy the teacher’s demonstration and just human nature that you compare your posture to that of the person on the mat next to you. Often while trying to attempt the ‘perfect posture’ so many muscles are actively engaged at the same time that it is challenging for the brain to process all of the feedback from all of the body parts. To be a true mind-body exercise the brain needs to be able to keep up with the body. Gentle somatic yoga does this by stripping everything back to gentle, mindful, subtle movements. It is this subtlety that strengthens the brain-to-muscle connection and allows the brain’s natural healing capacity to be properly effective. The more you can control your muscles, the more choices you have in your body. The more choices you have, the freer you are as a whole and complete human being.

Date/time: Saturday 13th May 2017, 12.30pm to 3.30pm
Workshop fee: Earlybird price: £30 (when booking/paying before 6th May) then £35.
Physical requirements: The ability to get down & up from the ground and to be able to lie on your front, back and sides for a short period of time.

Click the link below to purchase at the early bird price.