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Date(s) - April 21, 2018
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Move with Mary-Claire in Bryn Teg

Event Description

This workshop is in two parts: 10-1pm; 2-4pm, with lunch provided.

Many movement modalities refer to the centre of the body as the place of power, where movement begins: dan tien, hara, the one point. From a Somatic viewpoint, we focus on releasing, relaxing, and regaining control in the centre of the body first, and in doing so we distribute effort more efficiently through the whole musculature, enhancing co-ordination and bringing grace to our movement.

In the morning we will explore Gentle Somatic Movement Flows to reawaken the potential of the core, and in the afternoon bring this new found power up off the floor and into a gentle, yet dynamic dance flow.

Come and learn the power of moving from your centre: the only requirement is that you can get down to the floor and back up again!

£60 (both sessions and lunch)
To book: maryclairewilliamson@gmail.com
01691 828895 07989 211535