Clinical Somatics

Clinical Somatics

Clinical Somatics is an effective form of neuromuscular re-education that goes directly to the root cause of most chronic muscular pain: the brain and the way in which it senses and organizes the muscles and movement.

By learning to regain both awareness, sensation, and motor control of muscles – an educational process that can only be achieved through movement – the brain can remember how to relax and move the muscles properly. This process of sensory motor training creates improved muscle function and enhanced sensory awareness.

Thomas Hanna, PhD inspired the development of Clinical Somatic Education with over two decades of work in the field of Somatic Education. He began as a Feldenkrais practitioner, and developed his own method of Somatic Education after studying neurology at the University of Miami Medical School. It was there that he did research into the muscular ways in which all humans respond to stress reflexes and how these full body reflexes can habituate at the level of the central nervous system, causing muscular pain that contributes to many common conditions.

Clinical Somatic Education is a safe, gentle and common sense approach to reversing chronic pain. It is the only method of pain relief and sensory motor training that targets the condition of Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA).

Somatics Yoga

Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA)

Somatics Yoga

Sensory Motor Amnesia is the condition of chronically-tight muscles that have learned to stay contracted due to repeated and reflexive response to stress such as accidents, injuries, surgeries, repetitive tasks, and on-going emotional stress. The resulting patterns of muscular contraction that develop, result in such common conditions as chronic back pain, neck, shoulder and hip pain, limited mobility, joint pain, poor posture, shallow breathing, and uneven leg length.

Hanna Somatic Education particularly helps relieve pain and disability associated with common health complaints such as: headaches, stiff or painful joints and muscles, fatigue, poor posture, breathing problems, impaired movement, accident trauma and whiplash effects, back pain, repetitive use/stress injuries.

Private Clinical Somatics

1-2-1 Clinical Somatics

What To Expect:

For your initial assessment David will discuss your history, the pain/tension/mobility issue and what you’re aiming to improve, and this will result in an exploration of your current movement.

He will then guide refinements in movement and assist you in developing a strategy for yourself using the Somatic repertoire to gain improved movement range and quality.  You’ll be guided to observe your current issues from a somatic perspective and to explore how to develop better functioning for yourself through new movement explorations.

These sessions will take the form of movement lessons where you work together, with David, sometimes through simple verbal guidance and sometimes through the application of gentle hands-on guidance, to assist you in better sensing yourself as you are in movement.

Somatics is about education and opening up your abilities to learn to change yourself, for yourself, from the inside-out

How Long Will It Take?

You’re first session will take up to 90 minutes. Then you can expect your subsequent sessions to be 60 minutes each.

Where do you work?

We work from a venue in Nelson, north of Caerphilly. In certain circumstances we will make house calls if there are no other options (Additional charges will be added to cover travel).

We will soon be available for monthly clinical sessions at other venues in North Wales and South Wales 

Course of Sessions

We usually require you to commit to a minimum of 5 sessions, ideally these sessions should be 7-10 days apart but in some circumstances closer together can work better

What to Wear:

You will be fully clothed at all times, wear soft non-restrictive clothing that you’re comfortable in.



Somatic Movement workshops are an excellent way to really immerse yourself into the practice and consequently achieve a deeper awareness and long-lasting changes in the body.  Our workshops will be between 2-4 hrs long, and based around a specific theme such as ‘Legs and Hips’, or  ‘Centre to Periphery’, or even, ‘An Introduction to Somatics’.

If you would like us to come and run a workshop in your area, please get in touch via the contact page.

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Group classes in Somatic Movements is a great way to build a regular practice, in order to reset patterns in the body.  In a group class you will be verbally guided into various exercises addressing the three main reflex patterns which we can get stuck in: green light reflex, red light reflex and trauma reflex.

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