Radiant Star Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Radiant Star Aerial Yoga is centred in somatics principles. On a Radiant Star Aerial Yoga training, you will develop and hone your ability as a teacher to guide students to a true experience of themselves as beings able to sense and move with ease and grace.

As a Radiant Star Aerial Yoga teacher you will be able to deliver fun, safe, innovative sensory-based Aerial Yoga classes, that provide excellent learning spaces for your students to grow and develop.

Accompanying the teaching of Aerial Yoga Flows, you will be introduced to the principles of Moving From Centre to Periphery, Movement Pathways and Means Whereby as well as the techniques of Pandiculation, Differentiation and Integration. These principles will themselves be integrated into the teaching of Radiant Star Aerial Yoga, making this a unique approach to Aerial Yoga Teacher Training.

The Fundamentals

This 7 day (56 hr) course is taught with the Aerial Yoga hammock at hip height.  The comprehensive curriculum covers learning to teach 36 Aerial Yoga Flows (including over 130 postures) in positions such as :

  • Supported kneeling
  • Supported standing
  • Suspended
  • Elevated
  • Floating

This training is particularly aimed at existing yoga teachers, pilates teachers and other movement professionals wishing to extend their development into this new area but is also open to those interested in stepping into a new career.

Somatic Lo Flo

This 5 day (35 hr) course is taught with the Aerial Yoga hammock just inches off the floor.  The comprehensive curriculum covers learning to teach over 30 Aerial Yoga Flows (including over 85 postures). The fabric is used as a prop to enhance and support mostly floor based flows, but also including elevated and floating postures and flows.  

This training is also aimed at trained movement teachers (yoga, pilates, somatics, dance and other forms of movement) or teachers in training. 

Upcoming trainings: 

It is highly recommended you have taken several aerial yoga classes or attended an introductory workshop before attending a training.

Fundamentals: The Summerhouse, Nelson, South Wales.  May 2019. Dates TBC.     Price: £1000 (£250 non-refundable deposit)

Somatic Lo Flo: The Summerhouse, Nelson, Wales. September 2019. Dates TBC Price: £700 (£150 non-refundable deposit)

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