Ahead of our Somatic Yoga for Runners workshop in November here’s how marathon runner Katie Phillip’s from Bingley, Yorkshire benefited from 1-2-1 Clinical Somatic sessions

“I have been running for four years and run a variety of distances from 5k to ultra marathons on a mixture of surfaces – road, trail, fell. I am currently aiming to run 12 marathons in 12 months, having had a good start to my running challenge and successfully completing my first 3 marathons, my body started to show signs of the high training mileage showing niggles and stress. It didn’t help that I have an office based job, working for long periods of time sat working at a PC and carrying stress in my upper body, all of which means I put my muscles through quite a lot on a weekly basis!
I’ve had four sessions of Clinical Somatics with David and it has been a really insightful experience.  Although I knew I carried quite a lot of tension and tightness in my shoulders & upper body, the sessions opened my eyes as to why and how this affected my running and has educated me in which muscles I need to relax and engage in order to move with ease.  David has also given me some really simple exercises to release tension and ‘re-train’ my brain into subconsciously using my muscles more efficiently, which in turn will help to strengthen the weaker ones enabling a smoother end to end movement. David also showed me to focus on my breathing while working through the exercises, which I found valuable to help me focus on relaxing the muscles.
As a runner completing these exercises helps me to balance my body’s movement and focus on relaxing into my running stride, which has in turn helped me to continue the high level of mileage in the most economic and relaxed way. I’m now integrating the principles of somatics into my running preparation and warm down as well as my everyday life.”


The Somatic Yoga For Runners Workshop in Cardiff will take place November 11th at Stretchy Suzies. There’s more information and booking details here

David is also available for 1-2-1 Clinical sessions Tuesday and Friday in Nelson, north of Caerphilly and Monday, Wednesday, Thursdays and Saturdays in Bwlch, near Brecon. More information on Clinical sessions here