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David and I are soon to offer our newest Aerial Yoga training: ‘Somatic Lo Flo’.  This training teaches teachers how to deliver aerial yoga just a few inches off the floor and so reach a completely different audience to the higher version.  We delivered this training as a 1-2-1 in Hyderabad, India earlier in the year and had so much fun with it; it is such a versatile practice. This style of aerial yoga merges somatic movement flows, yin postures, and restorative yoga in to a yummy flowing and relaxing movement flow that releases tension and stuck patterns and restores energy to the very cells of the body.  Our numbers are limited and we also want to make a very special offer….all will be revealed next week, but in the meantime, you can join our newsletter so you will get the information delivered right to your inbox: watch the video to find out more…

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