Somatic Movement  Teacher Training – The Core

Our “Core” Somatic Movement Teacher Training is inspired by the work of Thomas Hanna.  This course will give you a basic overview of the history of Somatics and will introduce you to core principles behind this approach. As a somatic movement teacher you will be able to either teach somatic movement classes or adapt and transform your existing movement practice to give it a somatic flavour.  We will guide you towards somatic teaching skills, including the Art of Cueing, Use of Language and Motor Planning, as well as help you develop somatic movement techniques: Pandiculation, Differentiation, Fractionation and Integration

Our training is delivered over 35hrs.  It is aimed at existing movement teachers wishing to extend their development into this area.  Having some experience of Hanna Somatic inspired movement, either through personal explorations via online videos/DVD, or participation in classes or workshops before attending the course is a requirement.

During the course we will focus on 15 foundational Somatic Movement Sequences, highlighting the core components of each sequence and offering variations where necessary. Movement Sequences are divided into 9 key sections:

Soma Scans
Movement Pattern 1 – Back Shortening – Front Lengthening
Movement Pattern 2 – Front Shortening – Back Lengthening
Movement Pattern 3 – One Side Shortening – OneSide Lengthening
Movement Pattern 4 – Rotational
Hips and Legs
Neck and Shoulders

The training includes:

  • comprehensive manual
  • online movement course to support your learning
  • entry into an online RSY Somatic Movement teachers support group

Upcoming trainings:

Our in-person UK trainings are currently on hold awaiting rescheduling. However we are exploring offering an online alternative

Your investment: £750 (£175 non-refundable deposit to secure your place).

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