Our Teacher Training introduces you to a somatic approach to movement.  It will deepen and enrich your current practice by utilising core principles and techniques of Somatics, including Pandiculation, Differentiation, Fractionation and Integration.  These principles and techniques will lead you into the realm of your own sensory awareness which will become your main guide to somatic moving and teaching.

The course will give you the flexibility to teach your own somatic movement classes and/or adapt and transform your existing movement practice to give it a somatic flavour.  We will guide you into using specific somatic teaching skills, including the Art of Cueing, Use of Language, Motor Planning, as well as exploring the use of commands, statements and questions.

Underpinning all of this is a basic understanding of Neuroscience – how the brain functions and its role in movement and movement teaching.  We explore neuroscience in order for you to understand the specific techniques of Somatics, how you can change and improve your movement capability, and how you can adapt your teaching to assist students in their movement learnings.

Our training is aimed at existing Yoga and other movement, teachers wishing to extend and deepen their understanding and teaching of movement.  Having some experience of Somatic Movement, either through personal explorations via online videos/DVD, or participation in classes or workshops before attending the course is a requirement. We have video tutorials and classes that can assist you with this.

During the course we will focus on 15 foundational Somatic Movement Sequences, in order to demonstrate how to bring a somatic approach to movement.  We will highlight the core components of each of the sequences as well as how each one can be adapted and changed to bring variety into your teaching of them.  These skills can then be applied to other movement sequences (asanas, postures, etc)

The movement section of the course is divided into 9 key areas:

  • Soma Scans
  • Movement Pattern 1: Back Shortening /Front Lengthening
  • Movement Pattern 2: Front Shortening /Back Lengthening
  • Movement Pattern 3 : One Side Shortening /OneSide Lengthening
  • Movement Pattern 4: Rotational
  • Hips and Legs
  • Neck and Shoulders
  • Breathing
  • Walking

The training includes

  • comprehensive manual
  • access to online videos for each of the Somatic Movement Sequences taught
  • entry into an online RSY Somatic Movement teachers support group
  • access to further continuing education trainings

The course will be delivered via

  • 10 online meetings over 3 months
  • a Facebook Group for ongoing support and connection as well as course related Q&As
  • Video tutorials of all the movement sequences
  • Access to recorded classes taught by Radiant Star Yoga


 The training will be led by both David and Amanda. They are both experienced Somatic Movement Teachers & Trainers and bring a wealth of somatic movement knowledge from various modalities: Nia, Nia 5 Stages, Aerial Yoga, Essential Somatics and Gentle Somatic Yoga. They are both  Aerial Yoga Teacher Trainers and David is a Clinical Somatic Educator.

 2023 DATES and how to join us.

Our next training will start February 2023
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The whole training, including all live meetings, and all pre-recorded material is £819.
(Payment option available for 3 x monthly instalments).


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