Personal Somatics 1:1

An individualised Somatics session is a direct way of bringing both sensing and movement of the body back to optimum functioning.

When you have any areas of your body that are in pain, or continually ache, or feel numb, or you have parts of your body that don’t move as well as they used to, the chances are that you are holding unconscious tension in your muscles. It’s your nervous system that controls your muscles and Somatics is a way of re-setting your nervous system, releasing excess muscular tension and bringing a better sensory connection, not just to your muscles but to your whole being.

How does it work?

A 1:1 session is a process where the practitioner (David) and the client (you) work together; David will assist you by guiding you into sensing and moving specific areas of your body, while you take a very active and conscious role. This can lead to: improved brain to muscle functioning (you may begin to activate areas of your body that you were previously not connected to), improvement in the range of movement (you may find areas of your body moving more freely and easily), and a greater sense of connection to yourself.

Somatics Yoga
1-2-1 Clinical Somatics

What happens in a session?

An initial session starts with walking, standing and lying assessments, whereby David can observe for any dominant habit patterns.  Then, through a series of hands-on techniques, you are assisted into a variety of movement sequences, to bring back conscious awareness and conscious voluntary control of movement. Simple movement sequences may then be taught and given as ‘home-play’, to support learning through self practice after the session. Links to online videos are also given to support this.

Somatics is sensory-movement education; it awakens your ability to learn to change yourself, for yourself, from the inside-out. 

These sessions take place fully clothed and are gentle and non-invasive. The overall aim is to assist you to become more self-aware, and enhance self-sensing and self-organising in order to experience greater freedom, ease and comfort of movement in your body.

How Long Will It Take?

First session will take up to 90 minutes. Subsequent sessions are 60-75 minutes each.

Where do you work?

Due to the current situation, we are only offering online sessions.

Contact us for more information.

Course of Sessions

Ideally 5 sessions is suggested; 3 sessions minimum, with at least 5 days apart.  However, everyone is unique.

Contact us to discuss what is right for you.

What to Wear:

Ideally, wear soft, comfortable clothing in which you are able to move freely and easily.

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