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Radiant Star Yoga offers individual sessions, classes, workshops and trainings in different modalities with
the shared purpose: to unfold the whole of you.

David and Amanda offer Somatics, Somatic Yoga, Aerial Yoga, SomaDance and Somatic Meditation as ways
to access your inner radiance and unfold to your full potential.  They both believe we all have the
capacity to shine, and radiate love, confidence, happiness and joy…


David Fleming and Amanda Franklin

David and Amanda have worked together since July 2009.  Amanda’s background includes working as a secondary school teacher and a Raja Yoga meditation practitioner and teacher; David’s includes being a Nurse and a Trainer.  They both trained in The Nia Technique before they met and completed trainings in Nia with Black Belt training in 2014. In addition to this dance based technique, they also trained as Nia 5 Stages teachers – a floor-based somatic approach to movement using the developmental stages from embryo to walking.  In 2012 they trained in Aerial Yoga and set up Aerial Yoga Leeds, teaching regular classes and beginners workshops until they left in 2017.  

Alongside Nia and Aerial Yoga, David developed an interest in Hanna Somatics and in 2013 he hosted and trained with Martha Peterson of Essential Somatics on the first Hanna Somatic Exercise Coach (HSEC) training in the UK. From then on, he regularly hosted Martha and assisted on Essential Somatics trainings and courses in the UK and in 2017 he completed his Essential Somatics Clinical Somatic Educator training.  During this time Amanda also caught the Somatic ‘bug’ and trained with Essential Somatics as a Movement Coach in 2014 and 2017.  In addition, both Amanda and David have trained as Gentle Somatic Yoga teachers with James Knight and also assisted on his Level 1 training.  Their latest development is Somatic Meditation, influenced by Reginald Ray and Stephen Gilligan.  

As well as teaching classes, workshops, and immersions, David and Amanda offer Teacher Trainings in both Aerial Yoga and Somatic Movement.  They have together, and individually, taught and delivered trainings around the UK and in Iceland, as well as Goa and Hyderabad India.  

David and Amanda’s Somatic work is greatly influenced by the principles of Hanna Somatic Education, as they are both committed to educating people towards freedom. 

“If you’d like to work with us, drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you!”


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