I’ve taken many movement classes both in person and online where I’ve been asked to stretch, and I’ve taught a fair few myself. Since training in Somatics I have removed the word ‘stretch’ from my vocabulary. It now seems rather ambiguous to me, though it is still a word being used frequently by others. What does a teacher really mean when she/he invites me to ‘feel the stretch’ in a posture, or to ‘stretch’ my hamstrings?

Muscles don’t stretch. Muscles are not the same as elastic.  When pushed with force beyond where they are set, or resting, muscles break. Muscles are controlled by the brain and the Central Nervous System, and this is where we need to make the change.

In this video I explain why we don’t stretch, what can happen when we elongate muscles too far and too quickly, and I introduce you to a more intelligent way of releasing tight muscles to their full length without force or strain; something that can be easily practised in your yoga, pilates, or other movement classes.


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