At the beginning of March 2020 we were teaching our last face-to-face Somatic Movement Teacher Training of the season in Arambol, Goa. If you had asked me then about teaching trainings online I would have scoffed!

By then we had done a fair bit of online teaching – 5 day free taster courses on Facebook, a downloadable video course “Free Your Whole Body’ – but these were meant as a way of introducing the work we do, with a view to the recipients making face to face contact either with ourselves or other Somatics practitioners.

But, of course, by the end of March 2020 our thoughts about online teaching had been blown out of the window.

We didn’t rush to take our work online. We didn’t have the technology at the time – no internet in the house we were in and no audio equipment. And at the time we thought it would all blow over in a couple of months…how wrong we can be!!

  By September we had moved into a different house, had experienced most of the monsoon weather and had wifi connected, not just via the hotspot off the phone! We had also invested in a new set of microphones and a ‘sound blaster’ and later in the year a ring light too!!

Since September 2020 we have taught numerous online somatic-based courses and workshops and also completed an online training. Being online has transformed how we teach and interestingly has given our teaching a wider focus. We have also found different ways of guiding people in to themselves without relying on hands on feedback. All in all this has empowered people far more and given them more confidence in their own innate abilities.

Of course we still miss the ability to gather together in a face-to-face group energy, and have group hugs, but in the meantime, being able to train online has been surprisingly satisfying and hugely rewarding.

If you are a movement teacher, and would like to join us on the next trip, we start June 19th. Watch the video below for more insight,

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