Since we have been teaching online in Goa, David has been exploring somatics and breathing.
He has taught a couple of 4 week courses now, and the next one focuses on Somatics, Breathing and the Diaphragm.

Along with teaching courses we have been delivering an online Teacher Training, and Saturday was the last session before the students’ assessments. This session included an experience of the Shuttle Breath.  We thought you might like a sneak peak!

If you are curious about SomaBreathe courses, this mini taster session will give you an idea of what you might experience, although each class will include different sequences, movements and explorations…

Find yourself somewhere warm and comfortable to lie down, undisturbed for 25 minutes….

If you would like to join us for the next course you can fine the details on the event page.

We will also be running another online Teacher Training later in the year.

Happy Breathing!